2023 Tax Guide (2022 Tax Year)

Tax season is upon us.

I have taken the opportunity to distribute this helpful guide to all the residents of Cumberland-Colchester. This will serve as a map of sorts for all of you who await the arrival of the annual tax bills. This is especially true lately as Canadians everywhere are confronted by an escalating cost of living crisis, while their federal government seems uninterested in helping out. That’s why as income tax season approaches, with family budgets tighter than ever and Canadians falling further and further behind, it’s more important than ever for you to receive all the benefits which you qualify for.

Feel free to take a look through this Tax Guide and find some of the tax savings you may claim. I will be sure to vote against any new tax increases and I will always strive to leave more money in your bank account.

Please contact my offices in Truro or Amherst with any questions you may have.

Dr. Stephen Ellis, MP