Colchester-East Hants president of The National Association of Federal Retirees meets MP Ellis

Mike Devine, president of Colchester-East Hants branch of the National Association of Federal Retirees, met with MP Stephen Ellis, member of Parliament for Cumberland—Colchester in June. Devine was inspired to meet his MP Ellis in Ottawa, after hearing James Wheelhouse and Michelle Langille speak about their MP meeting on Parliament Hill, during the advocacy training session at the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM).

“On the way to Ottawa, by chance, I was talking to our MP at the airport, and he invited me to stop by his office and suggested a tour of Parliament. After our meetings at the AMM, I thought what a great opportunity to discuss the four advocacy pillars of our organization,” says Devine, explaining how this meeting came about.

“When I arrived at Dr. Ellis’s office, I explained to him my reason for being in Ottawa. I informed him of my position and the number of Federal Retirees members in his riding and the number of members in Canada. I was aware from previous conversations that he was in favour of protecting seniors’ pensions, as a former military doctor he has always been proactive when it comes to veterans. And so, for this meeting, we had an in-depth conversation on pharmacare,” says Devine.

Devine was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to engage with his MP and connect on driving change for members and older adults.  “After 45 minutes of conversation on Federal Retirees priorities, we went for a tour and had great conversations about many things Canadian.”

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