About Dr. Stephen Ellis

For the last 22 years, Dr. Stephen Ellis has been a family physician in Truro. He currently serves as a medical lead for COVID-19 response in the Northern Zone. Dr. Ellis was born into a modest but hardworking family. Money was tight, but their work ethic was strong. That is why he enrolled in Canadian Armed Forces’ Medical Officer Training program to fulfill his goal of becoming a physician. After nine years in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Dr. Ellis attained the rank of Captain. Dr. Ellis currently serves as Honorary Colonel of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders.

Dr. Ellis believes volunteerism helps sustain rural communities. He has passionately supported Walk with a Doc, the Bible Hill Fire Brigade, Scouts Canada, Minor Hockey, and the Guatemala Outreach Project. He has been married to Deborah for 30+ years. They have three children and two grandchild.